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Bonfire on the Oak Island Beach! Yes, Please! Nov.16-Apr.30

This is a magical way to enjoy the beach in the cooler months. Fires are permitted on the Island from November 16 - April 30. You must apply for a permit no earlier that 72 hours prior to the fire. This is because the wind speeds can not exceed 15MPH to permit a fire. This application process is simple and free. Not to mention the enjoyment that comes from having a fire on the beach is priceless!

This is the link for the application:


  • One permit for one fire

  • You must have the receipt of permit application. You get this via email after selecting "receive a copy of your submission".

  • You will name someone to be "in charge" of the fire. They must have their ID with them

  • Someone must be with the fire at all time

  • All bonfire materials must remain off the sand dunes

  • All bonfire materials must be removed after the fire has been extinguished

  • If the wind picks up to over 15MPH the fire must be extinguished

For more information on beach bonfires, or fire safety in general, contact the Oak Island Fire Department at 910-278-1000

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