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Oak Island Pier / Yaupon Beach Fishing Pier - Eat, Drink, Fish and Enjoy the OKI Beach life!

This pier is located on the east side of Oak Island. It was once part of Yaupon Beach, a coastal resort that was an incorporated town in 1955. Yaupon Beach became part of Oak Island in 1999, becoming Oak Island Pier.

The Pier is known for great saltwater fishing! It is open 8am-5pm. You must purchase a permit to fish from the pier house. You can get a day pass ($10-$16) which are valid from 6am to 6am the following day or get a season pass. This is the link to fishing fees:

To walk out on the pier and enjoy the breathtaking views is completely FREE!

There is a bait and tackle shop located on the pier for all of your fishing needs including drinks and snacks. If you are hankering for something more there is also a coffee shop, Ruby's and a restaurant, KoKo Cabana.

KoKo Cabana is one of my favorite spots in Brunswick County. My husband and I love to go on dates here. We enjoy the beach views, with a delightful drink and AMAZING food! We love to get the island bowls, but you can't go wrong with anything on their menu!

Go check out the pier and all that it has to offer! You can thank me later! ENJOY!

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