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Brunswick County real estate market sees continued strong demand in January.

Increases in prices, new listings, homes sold, total sales volume

Brunswick County’s real estate market showed signs continued strong demand in January 2024, with increases in prices, new listings, homes sold, and total sales volume.

“Our market was anything but cold and dreary in January — in fact, it was kind of hot,” said Cynthia Walsh, CEO of the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS® (BCAR). “In January we saw more sales than January 2023 and nearly the same number as January 2022. Excluding 2021 and 2022, last month generated the most homes sold of any January in the past decade. We also saw higher prices, more new listings, and an increase in total sales volume. These trends underscore the fact that Brunswick County is a great place to live, and that homes here remain in strong demand. We see no indications that this will change as the market heats back up for spring.”

New listings increased 18.1% this January, from 498 to 588. Total sales volume saw a significant increase of 25.5% compared to January 2023, from $124,500,000 to $156,280,000. Average sales price increased 21.3%, from $390,390 to $473,561, while median sales price increased 2.9%, from $364,995 to $375,638. The number of homes sold increased 13%, from 292 to 330. Of the 330 homes sold, 145 were new construction. The luxury market was strong in January, with 24 sales of $1 million or higher, with the largest sale at $2.6 million on Bald Head Island.

Brunswick County Residential Real Estate Market Update - January 2024

New Listings

January 2024: 588

January 2023: 498

Increase/Decrease: +18.1%

Units Sold

January 2024: 330

January 2023: 292

Increase/Decrease: +13%

Average Sales Price

January 2024: $473,561

January 2023: $390,390

Increase/Decrease: +21.3%

Median Sales Price

January 2024: $375,638

January 2023: $364,995

Increase/Decrease: +2.9%

Total Sales Volume

January 2024: $156,280,000

January 2023: $124,500,000

Increase/Decrease: +25.5%

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