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  • Resort and Second Home Property Specialist - Jordan Breasseale (Bruh-Zil)

    Introducing your go to Resort and Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS), Jordan Breasseale. Looking to buy or sell on the coast of North Carolina? Call me today or set up a zoom call!

  • Brunswick County real estate market sees jump in new listings, strong luxury market during March

    Brunswick County’s real estate market began its typical seasonal warmup in March, with new listings increasing by more than a quarter compared to last March and a strong luxury market pushing the average sales price to almost $500,000. “Our market typically starts heating up in March, but last month was one for the books,” said Cynthia Walsh, CEO of the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS® (BCAR). “March brought higher prices, driven in part by an extremely strong luxury market, and more homes coming onto the market. Homes are spending slightly fewer days on the market than last year, which indicates that demand remains strong. Overall, our market is strong as ever, and I see no indications of a slowdown in the coming months.” New listings increased 27.9% this March, from 610 to 780. Total sales volume increased 5% compared to March 2023, from $240,610,000 to $252,670,000. The number of homes sold decreased 3.8%, from 527 to 507. Homes spent an average of 70 days on the market, decreasing by five days compared to last year. The absorption rate is hovering around 3 months; below five months is generally considered a seller’s market. The average sales price increased 9.2%, from $456,567 to $498,365, while the median sales price increased 2.2%, from $365,000 to $372,990. These increases were likely fueled by last month’s strong luxury market, with a total of 38 sales over $1 million. Of the 38 luxury sales, there were 12 in Ocean Isle Beach, 10 in Oak Island, 10 in Holden Beach, five in Bald Head Island and one in Southport. The two highest sales include a $6 million sale on Bald Head Island and a $4.5 million sale on Holden Beach. Year-to-date sales volume through March totaled $561,530,000, up 10% from $510,460,000 at the same point in 2023. The average year-to-date sales price increased 10.7% compared to the same point in 2023, from $430,939 to $477,169, while the median sales price increased 2.4%, from $363,527 to $372,316. The number of units sold through March is up 2.1% compared to last year, from 1,145 to 1,169 and the number of new listings increased 26%, from 1,625 to 2,048. Brunswick County Residential Real Estate Market Update - March 2024 New Listings March 2024: 780 March 2023: 610 Increase/Decrease: +27.9% Units Sold March 2024: 507 March 2023: 527 Increase/Decrease: -3.8% Average Sales Price March 2024: $498,365 March 2023: $456,476 Increase/Decrease: +9.2% Median Sales Price March 2024: $372,990 March 2023: $365,000 Increase/Decrease: +2.2% Total Sales Volume March 2024: $252,670,000 March 2023: $240,610,000 Increase/Decrease: +5%

  • Know Before You Go Oak Island Beach • Oak Island, NC

    These are the things to know before you go visit Oak Island, NC. What you need to know before you go oak island beach: When visiting the beaches on Oak Island, NC make sure you know these things: Beach Rules: Stay off the Dunes Pick up your Trash Keep Emergency Vehicle Access Clear Pick up Beach Equipment 8:30 pm - 7am Access: 64 public beach access 5 boat/kayak launches 4 fishing tees/crab docks Rip Currents: Always check rip currents before swimming Do not fight the current Try to swim parallel to the shore and swim back to shore Float or tread water if you can't get out Wave or yell for help Parking: April 1 - September 30 9am - 5pm Resident Parking will be enforced from 9am-9pm $5 a day / $20 a day / $80 week Ways to pay: Scan QR code, Download Surfcast app or call (910) 200-1497 Golf Carts on Oak Island: cannot drive on the sidewalks must be electric operated by a licensed driver cannot be driven on street with posted limit higher than 35 mph seat belt laws & children's carseat laws apply cannot tow wagon or trailer unless also registered Use side streets instead of Oak Island Drive Bonfires Permitted : November 16 - April 30 Applications are only accepted within 72 hours of time of bonfire Beach Wheelchairs: The Town of Oak Island currently has nine (9) designated Handicap Assist Locations, which include Mobi-mats provided through a combination of funding from the Town and community partners. In the event that repair or maintenance is needed, please contact the Public Works Department at 910-201-8008. Current Mobi-Mat / Handicap Assist Locations Keziah Street 705 Ocean Drive (Pier Complex) SE 74th Street SE 55th Street SE 40th Street 19th Place East 10th Place West 27th Place West 57th Place West Oak Island Recreation offers the use of beach wheelchairs to residents and visitors. Some chairs float and can be used in the water. Call 910-278-5518 to reserve. Sand Dunes: Keep off the sand dunes to help protect our beaches, animals and neighbors! Sea Turtles: Always call Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program day or night: 910-945-8888 do not disturb a turtle that crawling to or from the ocean beach houses turn off lights do not crowd turtles do not shine lights sit quietly in the dark at a distance never touch hatchlings fill in holes pick up trash do not sit or place beach equipment within 10 feet of a turtle nest

  • April 2024 - Thing to do - Happenings in and around Brunswick County

    Spring is blooming and events are popping up! Below is a list of events going on in and around Brunswick County in April. To keep up to date subscribe to get a newsletter of the happenings each month!

  • Spring Cleaning & House Maintenance

    It's that time of year! A clean start and fresh beginnings. Here in North Carolina the pollen has been EVERYWHERE! After a few quality rains it seems to be gone (for now) and has me ready to get underway with a spring cleaning! Below you will find a spring cleaning checklist and house maintenance. Free Download of the Spring Cleaning List: Free Download of the House Maintenance Check List:

  • NC Native Plants - Southeastern North Carolina

    It is Native Plant Month! Below are resources and simple ways to change the way we landscape including where to buy native plants, PDFs of list of plants and PDFs of designs. Where to Buy Native Plants in SE North Carolina Shelton Herb Farm Margaret Shelton, 340 Goodman Rd NE, Leland, NC 28451, (910) 253-5964, Five Oaks Nursery 2120 Old Winter Park Road, Wilmington, NC 28405, 910-762-8637, Johnson Nursery Corporation 985 Johnson Nursery Rd, Willard, NC 28478, (910) 285-1944, Lumber River Nursery Jep Whitlock 7000 Livingston Road, Gibson, NC 28343, 336-601-8787, Pender Pines Garden Center 20949 US-17N, Hampstead, NC 28443, (910) 270-2706, Tinga Nursery Inc. 2918 Castle Hayne Rd, Castle Hayne, NC 28429, (910) 762-1975,

  • Brunswick County real estate market holds steady through February

    New listings, prices and sales volume increase Brunswick County’s real estate market once again demonstrated strength and stability in February, with similar numbers to last February. Prices, units sold and new listings all increased. “Last month’s numbers were pretty consistent with what we saw last February,” said Cynthia Walsh, CEO of the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS® (BCAR). “The most significant change from last February was the increase in new listings. While it didn’t make a big difference in our overall level of inventory, this is the most inventory we have had in 12 months. In addition to that, our market saw a 25% increase in pending listings compared to January, with about half being new construction homes. The market tends to heat up with the weather, so we expect to see these trends continue as we move into the warm season.” New listings increased 31.5% this February, from 517 to 680. Total sales volume increased 5% compared to February 2023, from $145,350,000 to $152,580,000. Average sales price increased 3.1%, from $445,860 to $459,581, while median sales price increased 2.1%, from $368,320 to $360,585. The number of homes sold increased 1.8%, from 326 to 332. Of the 332 homes sold, 139 were new construction. Year-to-date sales volume through February totaled $308,860,000, up 14.5% from $269,850,000 at the same point in 2023. The average year-to-date sales price increased 11.6% compared to the same point in 2023, from $418,125 to $466,571, while the median sales price increased 2.5%, from $362,790 to $371,979. The number of units sold through February is up 7.1% compared to last year, from 618 to 662 and the number of new listings increased 24.9%, from 1,015 to 1,268. Brunswick County Residential Real Estate Market Update - February 2024 New Listings February 2024: 680 February 2023: 517 Increase/Decrease: +31.5% Units Sold February 2024: 332 February 2023: 326 Increase/Decrease: +1.8% Average Sales Price February 2024: $459,581 February 2023: $445,860 Increase/Decrease: +3.1% Median Sales Price February 2024: $368,320 February 2023: $360,585 Increase/Decrease: +2.1% Total Sales Volume February 2024: $152,580,000 February 2023: $145,350,000 Increase/Decrease: +5%

  • All About Southport

    What makes Southport special? Charming downtown, rich history, outdoor activities, special events and beyond the city! Check out my local recommendations: LINK COMING SOON! Charming Downtown Take a stroll down the tree lined streets with colorful shops, restaurants and boutiques. My favorite thing about downtown Southport is that you can park your car and spend the entire day. This charming downtown is so quaint that it is movie set quality. Numerous movies have been filmed in and around Southport including: Safe Haven, A Walk to Remember, The Secret Life of Bees, Dawson Creek, I Know What You Did Last Summer and more! Rich History Fort Johnson was originally built in 1749. After 250 years as the oldest active duty for in the U.S. The fort was conveyed to Southport in 2006. You can now visit Fort Johnson as a welcome center. Take a self guided tour of Southport, churches and homes that date back to the 1800s. Landmarks like City Hall, Old Brunswick Jail and Old Smith Burial Grounds. Visit the Maritime Museum where the cannons whisper tales of pirates and battles. Outdoor Activities Brunswick County as a whole has great parks. Southport's natural beauty is undeniable, with its pristine beaches, scenic waterways, and lush landscapes attracting outdoor enthusiasts year-round. The town is surrounded by stunning coastal scenery, making it an ideal destination for activities such as kayaking, boating, fishing, and birdwatching. Local Events Southport, NC offers a colorful calendar of events year round! This includes the North Carolina Fourth of July Festival, Spring Festival and Christmas Festival. There is a weekly farmers market, vendor events, concerts, parades and outdoor movies. Community Spirit Beyond its scenic beauty and historic charm, Southport is distinguished by its warm hospitality and strong sense of community. Visitors will find a vibrant arts scene, with galleries showcasing the works of local artists and artisans, as well as lively festivals and events celebrating the town's cultural heritage. Local Eatz The culinary scene in Southport is equally enticing, with an array of restaurants, cafes, and seafood shacks offering fresh and flavorful fare. From classic Southern comfort food to innovative coastal cuisine, there's something to satisfy every palate. Visitors can dine al fresco overlooking the water or sample local specialties such as shrimp and grits, crab cakes, and freshly caught seafood. In conclusion, Southport, NC, is a hidden gem along the North Carolina coast, offering a perfect blend of history, natural beauty, and community spirit. Whether you're exploring its historic streets, soaking up the sun on its sandy beaches, or savoring its local flavors, Southport invites visitors to slow down, unwind, and embrace the laid-back charm of coastal living. With its timeless appeal and warm hospitality, it's no wonder that Southport continues to capture the hearts of all who visit.

  • Video Tour of Southport • All Around Southport

    Southport, North Carolina, is a picturesque coastal town located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. The colorful, tree lined downtown is a perfect place to spend the day shopping, eating and enjoying southern hospitality. With local AirBnBs, Bed and Breakfast and local hotels this is a great getaway spot! Southport has a vibrant list of events and festivals throughout the year. Whether you are looking for somewhere to spend the weekend or a place to call home Southport is a great option along the North Carolina Coast. Come take a quick tour around Southport. Getting to Know Southport Historical background of Southport The historical background of Southport is a tapestry woven with threads of maritime trade, colonial settlement, and military significance. Founded in the late 1700s, Southport initially served as a crucial port for the burgeoning trade along the Cape Fear River. Its strategic location made it a coveted prize during the American Revolution and the Civil War, with numerous skirmishes and naval engagements taking place in its waters. Over the years, Southport has evolved from a bustling shipping hub to a quaint coastal community, yet its rich history is still palpable in its well-preserved historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and maritime artifacts that adorn the town's museums and waterfront. Unique geographical features and coastal charm Located at the mouth of Cape Fear River, Southport boasts a unique blend of geographical features that contribute to its coastal charm. From local beaches and salt marshes to lush maritime forests, the natural beauty of Southport provides a serene backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The town's proximity to Bald Head Island,Oak Island and Fort Fisher adds to its allure, offering visitors opportunities for boating, fishing, and exploring pristine barrier islands. Moreover, Southport's mild climate and gentle sea breezes make it an idyllic destination year-round, drawing visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation in its tranquil coastal ambiance. Introduction to key attractions and points of interest Southport is home to many attractions and points of interest that showcase its rich cultural heritage and maritime legacy. One of the town's most iconic landmarks is the Old Baldy Lighthouse, a historic beacon that has guided ships along the Cape Fear River since the early 19th century. Additionally, visitors can explore the charming streets of downtown Southport, lined with quaint shops, art galleries, and waterfront restaurants offering panoramic views of the river. History buffs will delight in exploring the Fort Johnston-Southport Museum and Visitors Center, which offers insight into the town's military history and colonial past. For a taste of Southport's maritime heritage, visitors can embark on a scenic boat tour of the Cape Fear River or visit the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport, where they can learn about the town's seafaring traditions and the role of the Cape Fear region in maritime history. A Walking Tour of Downtown Southport Starting point and suggested itinerary When embarking on a tour of Southport, it's ideal to begin your exploration from the heart of downtown. Start your day at the Southport Visitors Center, where you can pick up maps, brochures, and insider tips from knowledgeable locals. From there, set out on foot to immerse yourself in the town's charming atmosphere and historic ambiance. (But First, Coffee! Grab a togo coffee at Southport Coffee and Kitchen) Consider beginning your journey with a leisurely stroll along the Southport Waterfront Park, where you can admire stunning views of the Cape Fear River and watch as boats glide by. As you wander through the quaint streets, you'll encounter a plethora of boutiques, art galleries, and cafes, offering ample opportunities to shop for souvenirs and sample local cuisine. Landmarks and historic sites along the way Along the way, be sure to take in the many landmarks and historic sites that dot Southport's landscape. Make your way to the Old Brunswick County Jail Museum, where you can step back in time and explore the fascinating history of law enforcement in the region. Nearby, you'll find the Fort Johnston-Southport Museum and Visitors Center, housed in a historic military fort that dates back to the 18th century. Here, you can delve into Southport's military heritage and learn about the town's strategic importance during times of war and conflict. Hidden gems and local favorites As you continue your journey through Southport, keep an eye out for hidden gems and local favorites that add to the town's charm and character. Consider stopping by the Southport Fishing Pier, where you can cast a line and try your luck at catching dinner while soaking in panoramic views of the Cape Fear River / IntraCoastal Waterway / Atlantic Ocean (depending on how clear of a day). For a taste of authentic Southern cuisine, head to one of the town's beloved seafood restaurants, where you can feast on fresh-off-the-boat shrimp, oysters, and fish. Don't forget to save time to explore Franklin Square Park, a tranquil oasis in the heart of downtown, where you can relax on a bench beneath the shade of ancient live oak trees and watch as the world goes by. With its wealth of hidden gems and local favorites, Southport offers endless opportunities for discovery and delight around every corner. Discovering Southport's Maritime Heritage Exploring the waterfront area Exploring the waterfront area of Southport offers a captivating glimpse into the town's maritime heritage and scenic beauty. Start your waterfront adventure by strolling along the Southport Pier and Boardwalk, where you can soak in panoramic views of the Cape Fear River and watch as boats of all shapes and sizes navigate the tranquil waters. Along the way, you'll encounter charming shops, waterfront restaurants, and bustling marinas, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of this coastal gem. Consider taking a scenic cruise or boat tour to explore the river further. Visiting the Old Brunswick County Jail Museum A visit to the Old Brunswick County Jail Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into Southport's storied past and the history of law enforcement in the region. Housed in a historic brick building that once served as the county jail, this museum provides a unique opportunity to step back in time and explore the inner workings of a 19th-century jail. Inside, you'll find a collection of artifacts, exhibits, and interactive displays that shed light on the daily lives of inmates and the challenges faced by law enforcement officers during this period. From old-fashioned jail cells to vintage uniforms and equipment, the museum offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of the criminal justice system in Brunswick County. Maritime-themed activities and attractions For those with a love of the sea, Southport offers a variety of maritime-themed activities and attractions to enjoy. Consider embarking on a guided boat tour of the Cape Fear River, where you can learn about the region's rich maritime history, spot local wildlife, and take in breathtaking views of the coastal landscape. History enthusiasts will delight in visiting the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport, which houses a diverse collection of exhibits and artifacts related to the area's maritime heritage. From shipwrecks and lighthouses to maritime traditions and seafaring adventures, this museum offers a comprehensive overview of the Cape Fear region's maritime legacy. Whether you're exploring the waterfront, visiting a historic jail, or immersing yourself in maritime history, Southport promises an unforgettable experience for maritime enthusiasts of all ages. Culinary Delights: Dining in Southport Overview of local cuisine and dining scene Southport's culinary scene is a delightful reflection of its coastal location and Southern heritage, offering a diverse array of flavors and culinary traditions to tantalize the taste buds of visitors and locals alike. From casual waterfront cafes to upscale dining establishments, there's something to suit every palate in this charming coastal town. Fresh seafood takes center stage on many menus, with locally sourced shrimp, oysters, and fish served up in a variety of mouthwatering dishes. Additionally, Southport's dining scene celebrates regional specialties and Southern comfort foods, with classic dishes like shrimp and grits, crab cakes, and fried green tomatoes making regular appearances on menus throughout the town. Recommendations for must-try restaurants and eateries When it comes to must-try restaurants and eateries in Southport, there's no shortage of options to choose from. For a taste of classic Southern cuisine with a modern twist, consider dining at The Provision Company, a beloved waterfront restaurant known for its fresh seafood, scenic views, and laid-back atmosphere. Another local favorite is Fishy Fishy Cafe, where diners can enjoy creative seafood dishes made with locally sourced ingredients in a charming, coastal-inspired setting. For those craving Italian fare, Joseph's Italian Bistro offers an extensive menu of pasta, pizza, and other Italian specialties, all served up with a side of Southern hospitality. And for a taste of true Southern barbecue, look no further than Southport Smokehouse, where slow-smoked meats and homemade sides are the order of the day. Highlighting fresh seafood and regional specialties One of the highlights of dining in Southport is the abundance of fresh seafood available throughout the town. From succulent shrimp to plump oysters and flaky fish, seafood lovers will find plenty to satisfy their cravings at local eateries. For a taste of the sea, be sure to sample classic dishes like shrimp and grits, seafood platters, and crab cakes, all made with the freshest ingredients sourced from local waters. Additionally, Southport's dining scene celebrates regional specialties such as Carolina-style barbecue, pimento cheese, and hush puppies, providing visitors with an authentic taste of Southern cuisine. Whether you're dining at a waterfront restaurant, a cozy cafe, or a family-owned diner, you can expect to find delicious seafood and regional specialties served up with a side of Southern charm in Southport. Relaxation and Recreation in Southport Opportunities for outdoor activities Southport offers a plethora of opportunities for outdoor activities, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, hiking and biking trails wind through nearby nature preserves and maritime forests, offering glimpses of native wildlife and stunning coastal vistas. Golf enthusiasts will also find plenty to love in Southport, with several championship courses located just a short drive from town. Exploring nearby beaches and nature preserves Southport's proximity to pristine beaches and nature preserves makes it an ideal destination for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts. Nearby beaches like Oak Island and Caswell Beach offer miles of sandy shoreline for sunbathing, swimming, and beachcombing, while Bald Head Island and Fort Fisher provide a secluded retreat accessible by ferry. Nature lovers will appreciate exploring the area's numerous preserves and parks, including the Bald Head Island Conservancy and the Brunswick Nature Park, where hiking trails meander through marshes, forests, and wetlands, providing opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife spotting. Shopping and leisure options in town In addition to its natural beauty and outdoor activities, Southport offers plenty of options for shopping and leisure in town. Downtown Southport is home to a variety of charming boutiques, art galleries, and specialty shops, where visitors can browse for unique gifts, souvenirs, and locally made crafts. Additionally, the town hosts a number of festivals and events throughout the year, including the Southport Winter Craft Festival and the Southport Summer Market, which showcase the talents of local artisans and craftsmen. For those in need of relaxation and pampering, Southport also boasts several spas and wellness centers, where visitors can indulge in massages, facials, and other rejuvenating treatments. Whether you're shopping for treasures, exploring the outdoors, or simply unwinding in town, Southport offers endless opportunities for leisure and enjoyment. Events and Festivals in Southport Overview of annual events and festivals Southport's calendar has a vibrant calendar of annual events and festivals that celebrate its rich heritage, vibrant culture, and sense of community. From seafood festivals to holiday parades, there's always something exciting happening in this charming coastal town. One of the highlights of the year is the Southport Fourth of July Festival, a multi-day celebration featuring fireworks, live music, a parade, and a classic car show. Additionally, the Southport Wooden Boat Show draws visitors from near and far to admire beautifully crafted wooden boats and enjoy maritime-themed activities and demonstrations. Other popular events include the Southport Spring Festival, the Southport-Oak Island Christmas Flotilla, and the North Carolina Fourth of July Festival, which has been held annually since 1795 and is one of the oldest festivals of its kind in the United States. Recommendations for timing a visit to coincide with special events To make the most of your visit to Southport, consider timing your trip to coincide with one of the town's special events or festivals. For seafood lovers, the North Carolina Shrimp Festival held in October offers the perfect opportunity to sample fresh local seafood, enjoy live music, and browse arts and crafts vendors. Families with children may want to plan their visit around the Southport Wooden Boat Show in September, where kids can participate in hands-on activities like boat building and knot tying. The Southport Spring Festival in April is another popular event, featuring a variety of food vendors, live entertainment, and arts and crafts booths lining the streets of downtown Southport. No matter when you choose to visit, you're sure to find an event or festival that will add to your Southport experience and create lasting memories. Planning Your Trip to Southport Practical tips for visiting Southport Before visiting Southport, it's important to consider a few practical tips to make the most of your trip. Firstly, it's wise to check the weather forecast, as Southport experiences mild winters and hot summers, with occasional rain showers throughout the year. Packing accordingly with sunscreen, hats, and lightweight clothing can help you stay comfortable during your stay. Additionally, Southport's downtown area can become crowded during peak tourist seasons, so consider arriving early to find parking. Exploring the town on foot or by bicycle is also a great way to navigate the narrow streets and soak in the charming ambiance of Southport's historic district. Accommodation options and recommendations Southport offers a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler's preferences and budget. From cozy bed and breakfasts to local AirBnBs, there are plenty of places to stay that will make your visit to Southport memorable. For a luxurious retreat, consider booking a room at one of the town's waterfront hotels or inns, where you can wake up to stunning views of the Cape Fear River. Alternatively, if you're seeking a more intimate experience, opt for a charming bed and breakfast nestled in the heart of downtown Southport, where you'll enjoy personalized hospitality and easy access to the town's attractions and dining scene. Highlights of Southport From its scenic waterfront parks and charming downtown streets to its rich maritime heritage and vibrant cultural scene, Southport offers a tapestry of experiences that captivate the imagination and soothe the soul. The town's landmarks, such as the Southport Pier, stand as timeless symbols of its storied past and enduring appeal, while its lively festivals and community events showcase the warmth and camaraderie of its residents. Whether exploring historic sites, savoring fresh seafood delights, or simply basking in the serenity of its coastal surroundings, Southport leaves an indelible impression on all who venture to its shores.

  • DR Horton Floor Plans in Stanbury Creek • Minutes from Holden Beach

    Stanbury Creek is well underway on the Holden Beach Mainland in Supply, NC. It's tucked away privately off Stone Chimney Road but is only 5 minutes to the Holden Beach bridge. Stanbury Creek runs along the back of the community. As of February 15, 2024, DR Horton is nearing completion of the first street, Shipley Way. The first wave of homes offer laminate countertops, rolled vinyl flooring, garage door opener, and blinds installed as part of their pricing starting in the mid $200,000s. A variety of different floor plan options are offered starting at right around 1,000 square feet up to over 2,300 square feet with their two-story plan. In the upcoming builds the homes will have granite countertops, luxury vinyl plank flooring, hardware on the cabinets, and a garage door opener installed. I'm unsure if they are providing blinds in the new starts. These homes will be in the $300,000s versus the $200,000s. On February 15th I videoed some of the floor plans that are available in Stanbury Creek. Most were nearing completion so the videos give you a great idea of the fit and finishes you can expect. All the homes were priced under $300,000 at the time of my visit. From Amenities: Community Pool Only 5 Minutes to Holden Beach HOA dues: $1,380 per year Minimum Lease Term: 6 months Let's start with one of the most popular floor plans - the Aria by Dr Horton: Aria B 832 Shipley Way • Lot 9 • Supply • NC 3 bedroom • 2 bath • 1,618 sq ft • 2 car garage $288,570 as of February 15, 2024 Aria Express Series | starting at $282,490 1 story | 3 bed | 2 bath | 2 car garage 1,618 sq ft From Cali 824 Shipley Way • Lot 9 • Supply • NC 4 bedroom • 2 bath • 1,774 sq ft • 2 car garage $312,070 as of February 15, 2024 Dover A 824 Shipley Way • Lot 9 • Supply • NC 3 bedroom • 2 bath • 1,883 sq ft • 2 car garage $312,070 as of February 15, 2024 Dover-Express Express Series| starting at $306,990 1 story | 3 bed | 2 bath | 2 car garage 1,883 sq ft From The Kerry 840 Shipley Way • lot 11 • Supply • NC 3 bedroom • 2 bath • 1,1475 sq ft • 2 car garage $281,570 as of February 15, 2024 From The Curtis 823 Shipley Way • lot 143 • Supply • NC 3 bedroom • 2 bath • 1,1821 sq ft • 0 car garage $259,070 as of February 15, 2024 From More floor plan videos coming soon. Stay tuned for the Curtis, Perry, Lewis and more video tours in Stanbury Creek. Stanbury Creek FAQs: How close is Stanbury Creek to the beach? Stanbury Creek is super close to Holden Beach. Only 5 minutes to the Holden Beach bridge. Where is the nearest grocery store? Food Lion is right around the bend just before going over the Holden Beach bridge just 5 minutes away. There are several other grocery options in the nearby cities of Shallotte, Ocean Isle or even Oak Island. Can you put up a fence in Stanbury Creek? "Wood and vinyl privacy fences are permitted in Stanbury Creek. Fencing in Stanbury Creek may also be aluminum or wrought iron, open picket, and powder coated in dark bronze or black and as approved by the Board. Lots may have up to a 6’ high fence. Chain-link fencing, wood, roll wire, split rail or horse farm type horizontal railing fencing are not allowed." See more about fence requirements on page 5 in the below Architectural Guidelines for Stanbury Creek. Are Short Term Rentals / Airbnb / Vacation Rentals allowed? Minimum Lease Term: 6 Months "4.5.3. Alienation. No rule promulgated pursuant to this Section shall prohibit leasing or transfer of any Lot or require consent of the Association or Board for leasing or transfer of any Lot; however, the Association may require a minimum lease term of six (6) months and otherwise regulate the leasing of Lots, excepting any Lots subject to a mortgage which is insured or guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration or the Veterans Administration, or where the provisions of this Section 4.5.3 are otherwise prohibited by law." See the Stanbury Creek Restrictive Covenants by clicking the below:

  • Southport, NC • Real Estate • All About Living and Loving Southport, NC

    All about Southport, NC and Southport, NC Real Estate: Your Coastal Dream Awaits Nestled on the North Carolina coast, Southport is a captivating town brimming with Southern charm and nautical allure. This charming coastal town is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. My family and I love coming down to Southport for the festivals, fish market, date nights, park days, shopping and more! In this blog and video we are going to explore and highlight what makes Southport, NC special. We are also going to visit houses and neighborhoods that range in price from $250,000 - $1.99M. This will help show you what types of housing is available in Southport, NC. All of these houses are within a golf cart ride to downtown Southport. If you want to be a golf cart ride from Southport, NC check out the video and give me a call! Jordan Breasseale (Bruh-Zil) at 910-712-4747 There are a range of houses, areas and neighborhoods in and around Southport, NC. You can be waterfront, in historic downtown, charming historical houses, new construction, in a neighborhood with amenities. What's important to you? Use my buyers guide to help you nail down what is most important to you and give me a call! Exploring Diverse Options: The Southport market presents a range of properties, each with its unique character and price point. Here's a glimpse into what you might discover: Waterfront living: Southport boasts an enticing selection of waterfront properties, perfect for indulging your passion for the water. Historic charm: Steeped in history, Southport offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of the past. Explore restored historic homes and immerse yourself in the town's rich heritage. Community living: If a close-knit community is your desire, Southport has numerous neighborhoods and subdivisions offering a strong sense of belonging. Beyond the Property: The true essence of Southport lies beyond the walls of your chosen property. The town boasts a vibrant community, delectable restaurants serving fresh seafood, and a calendar packed with events that celebrate the coastal lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere, explore the charming shops, or embark on water adventures through the scenic waterways. Investing in Your Future: Southport's real estate market has experienced steady growth, making it an attractive option for both homeowners and investors. With its inherent beauty, thriving community, and proximity to major cities like Wilmington and Brunswick Islands like Oak Island and Holden Beach. Southport offers a promising investment opportunity. Start Your Southport Journey: Whether you're seeking a permanent residence or a tranquil escape, Southport beckons with its captivating charm and a diverse real estate market. With its breathtaking scenery, friendly community, and endless possibilities for recreation, Southport promises an exceptional coastal living experience. Ready to explore further? Connect with a local realtor who can guide you through the Southport market and help you find your perfect coastal haven. I would love to help guide you through the process of finding your slice of southern heaven in Southport, NC What makes Southport special? Charming downtown, rich history, outdoor activities, special events and beyond the city! Check out my local recommendations: Link coming soon!

  • Bella Point Neighborhood • Bolivia, NC • Great Location • Great Prices

    Bella Point is located in Bolivia, NC. Bella Point is located close to Highway 211, creating easy access to Oak Island, NC and Highway 17 (where you can jump up to Wilmington, NC or down to Myrtle Beach, SC. Bella Point is located 15 minutes to Oak Island, NC and 20 minutes to Holden Beach, NC. You are 5 minutes to the closest grocery store and 15 minutes to the closest hospital. Location, Location, Location!!! These houses start under $225,000! Check out the floor plans in this community below. Bella Point offers a pool and fitness center. The neighbors love this community and cannot say enough good things about it! Let's go check it out! These bungalows by DR Horton in The Cottages section of Bella Point give all the tiny house vibes but with a lot more elbow room. The cutest, coziest, coin capturing, cottages around. Oh yea, with a community pool too! HOA dues: $696 per year (crazy low, huh?) Minimum Lease Term: 12 Months Let's start with the sweetest cottage, Hannah. Hannah by DR Horton Bella Point Cottages • Bolivia NC Express Series | starting at $219,990 1 story | 2 bed | 2 bath | 813 sq ft **From Wyeth by DR Horton Bella Point Cottages • Bolivia NC Express Series | starting at $234,990 1 story | 3 bed | 2 bath | 1,023 sq ft **From Devon by DR Horton Bella Point Cottages • Bolivia NC Express Series| starting at $269,990 1 story | 3 bed | 2 bath | 1 car 1,281 sq ft **From **From Cameron by DR Horton Bella Point Cottages • Bolivia NC Express Series | starting at $284,990 1 story | 4 bed | 2 bath | 1 car 1,498 sq ft **From **From Brandon by DR Horton Bella Point Cottages • Bolivia NC Express Series| starting at $269,990 2 story | 3 bed | 2.5 bath | 1 car 1,518 sq ft **From Bella Point FAQs: How close is Bella Point to the beach? Bella Point is super close to Oak Island. Only 8.7 miles to Oak Island, NC. Where is the nearest grocery store? Lowes Food is right down the road, 5 miles towards Oak Island. There are several other grocery options in the nearby cities of Shallotte, Southport and Oak Island. Can you put up a fence in Stanbury Creek? "10.Fence.NofenceshallbeerectedorhedgegrownonanyLotunlesswrittenapprovalthereofhasfirstbeenobtainedfromDeclarant.NofenceandnohedgeshallbepermittednearerthefrontLotlinethantherearcornersofthehouseconstructedonsaidLotunlessapprovedbyDeclarant.NogardenshallbepermittednearerthefrontLotlinethanfifteen(15)feetbackofthebackcomerofthehouse.OnLotshavingbufferfencesinstalledbytheDeclarant,theOwnershallberesponsibletoinspectandmaintainthefenceinitsoriginalconditionunlesstheresponsibilityofmaintenanceofthefenceisgiventoanotherentityinwritingbyDeclarant.Allfencesshallbeconstructedofwoodorsimilarmaterials,withthefinishedsideontheoutside" See more about fence requirements on page 17 in the below CCR's. There is also a ARC Application below!

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