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Know Before You Go Oak Island Beach • Oak Island, NC

These are the things to know before you go visit Oak Island, NC.

What you need to know before you go oak island beach: When visiting the beaches on Oak Island, NC make sure you know these things:

Beach Rules:

Stay off the Dunes Pick up your Trash Keep Emergency Vehicle Access Clear Pick up Beach Equipment 8:30 pm - 7am


64 public beach access 5 boat/kayak launches 4 fishing tees/crab docks

  • Always check rip currents before swimming

  • Do not fight the current

  • Try to swim parallel to the shore and swim back to shore

  • Float or tread water if you can't get out

  • Wave or yell for help

  • April 1 - September 30

  • 9am - 5pm

  • Resident Parking will be enforced from 9am-9pm

  • $5 a day / $20 a day / $80 week

  • Ways to pay: Scan QR code, Download Surfcast app or call (910) 200-1497

Golf Carts on Oak Island:

  • cannot drive on the sidewalks

  • must be electric

  • operated by a licensed driver

  • cannot be driven on street with posted limit higher than 35 mph

  • seat belt laws & children's carseat laws apply

  • cannot tow wagon or trailer unless also registered

  • Use side streets instead of Oak Island Drive

November 16 - April 30 Applications are only accepted within 72 hours of time of bonfire

Beach Wheelchairs:

The Town of Oak Island currently has nine (9) designated Handicap Assist Locations, which include Mobi-mats provided through a combination of funding from the Town and community partners.

In the event that repair or maintenance is needed, please contact the Public Works Department at 910-201-8008.

Current Mobi-Mat / Handicap Assist Locations

  • Keziah Street

  • 705 Ocean Drive (Pier Complex)

  • SE 74th Street

  • SE 55th Street

  • SE 40th Street

  • 19th Place East

  • 10th Place West

  • 27th Place West

  • 57th Place West

Oak Island Recreation offers the use of beach wheelchairs to residents and visitors. Some chairs float and can be used in the water. Call 910-278-5518 to reserve.

Sand Dunes:

Keep off the sand dunes to help protect our beaches, animals and neighbors!

Sea Turtles:

Always call Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program day or night: 910-945-8888

  • do not disturb a turtle that crawling to or from the ocean

  • beach houses turn off lights

  • do not crowd turtles

  • do not shine lights

  • sit quietly in the dark at a distance

  • never touch hatchlings

  • fill in holes

  • pick up trash

  • do not sit or place beach equipment within 10 feet of a turtle nest

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