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Calabash, NC : Calabash Concert Series 2023

Calabash, a charming town in Brunswick County, North Carolina, comes alive with the vibrant sounds of summer concerts. As the warm weather rolls in, locals and visitors eagerly anticipate the lively music scene that fills the air. Throughout the summer months, Calabash hosts a series of outdoor concerts, offering a delightful blend of genres and performances for all musical tastes. From rock and country to jazz and blues, these concerts showcase talented musicians from the local area and beyond. Families, friends, and music enthusiasts gather to create a lively atmosphere, where laughter, toe-tapping, and good vibes fill the air. Whether you're looking to unwind, socialize, or groove to the rhythm, the summer concerts in Calabash offer a memorable and enchanting experience for all to enjoy.

This Free event is a great way to enjoy the summer nights!


Tuesdays at 6pm

The 2023 Calabash Summer Concert Series will feature live Carolina Beach Music on these dates with the following entertainment:


Calabash Town Square - located at 868 Persimmon Rd, in Calabash.

Food & Drinks:

Available for purchase will be shaved ice from Kona Ice, and popcorn from Dixieland Kettle Corn. Also, hot dogs will available for purchase.


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