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Exploring the Enchanting Scenic Walkways of Oak Island, NC

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Oak Island, North Carolina is a true gem nestled along the stunning Atlantic coastline. Known if its south facing beaches, charming community and natural beauty, this coastal island offers much more than just sun and sand! Oak Island is unique in that the Davis Canal and Montgomery Slough runs through the middle of the island, cutting off the North wooded side from the beach side of the island.

There are three scenic walkways on Oak Island, NC that cross the Davis Canal, connecting the North Wooded side of the island to the Beach Side. These are located on SE 9th Street, SE 20th Street and SE 31st Street. Each offers a nice walking trail where you can catch views of the canal, wildlife and access the beach! Come take a look with me as we explore these scenic walkways, their unique characteristics and the natural wonders they unveil at every turn.

Between Middleton Ave. and NE/SE 40th Street these scenic walkways are the beach access. These are beautiful walks to get some exercise or see one of the beautiful sunsets Oak Island has to offer!

Make a long walk out of it. You can use these walkways to make a loop by using one to access the beach, walk on the beach, then use another one to access the North Wooded side of the island. There is a side walk along the South side of East Oak Island Drive, providing a safe place to walk and close the loop!

Check out what each walkway has to offer:

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