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Oak Island Beach Day: Day of Celebration on July 1, 2023

Beach Day is a celebration on Oak Island, North Carolina, is an extraordinary beach day filled with patriotic spirit, community camaraderie, and an array of exciting activities. This day commemorates when the two towns, Long Beach and Yaupon Beach joined together to form Oak Island on July 1, 1999. Beach Day is held in collaboration with the North Carolina 4th of July Festival. Oak Island residents and visitors gather on the sandy shores to revel in the festivities and create lasting memories.

On this special day, Oak Island beach radiates with energy and excitement. Locals and tourists alike adorn themselves in vibrant red, white, and blue attire, proudly displaying their patriotism. As you arrive at the beach, you'll immediately notice the festive atmosphere, with families setting up colorful umbrellas and beach blankets, children building sandcastles adorned with miniature American flags, and the tantalizing aroma of barbecues and picnics wafting through the air.


Events organized by the Oak Island Recreation Department will begin at 8:00 AM in the Middleton Park Complex and continue on throughout the day:


The Oak Island Police Department will be blocking off certain streets and intersections throughout the day to accommodate the unloading of fireworks, and after the fireworks display to allow for the smooth flow of traffic away from the area.

SE 58th Street will serve as the “Dividing Line” for travel off the Island:

  • Those WEST of E 58th St. should use the Swains Cut Bridge (Middleton Ave).

  • Those EAST of E 58th St. should use the Barbee Bridge (Long Beach Road).

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, spending the Fourth of July on the beach at Oak Island, NC, is an unforgettable experience. The combination of beachside fun, patriotic festivities, and a stunning fireworks display creates an atmosphere of celebration and togetherness that embodies the true reason of the Fourth of July and the creation of Oak Island, NC.


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