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St. Baldrick's Foundation - Conquering Childhood Cancer

St. Baldrick's Foundation: Fighting Childhood Cancer One Head at a Time

Childhood cancer is a devastating diagnosis that affects not only the child but also their entire family. Fortunately, there are organizations like the St. Baldrick's Foundation that are dedicated to funding childhood cancer research and supporting patients and their families.

The St. Baldrick's Foundation was founded in 1999 by three executives who wanted to raise money for childhood cancer research. They came up with the idea of shaving their heads in solidarity with children who lose their hair during cancer treatment. Since then, St. Baldrick's has become the largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants, second only to the U.S. government.

The Foundation's mission is to fund the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives. They believe that research is the key to finding cures, and that every child deserves the chance to grow up and live a full life. In addition to funding research, St. Baldrick's also provides support to families and advocates for increased funding and awareness of childhood cancer.

One of the most well-known events organized by the St. Baldrick's Foundation is the head-shaving event. Participants raise money by pledging to shave their heads in solidarity with children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. The head-shaving event has become a powerful symbol of solidarity and hope for children with cancer and their families.

We are hosting a head-shaving event July 15th, 2023 1pm-4pm at the Tap and Cellar Room in Southport, NC. Come join us for a raffle, head-shaving, some tears and laughs!

Since its founding, the St. Baldrick's Foundation has raised over $350 million for childhood cancer research. These funds have helped to support groundbreaking research that has led to new treatments and cures for childhood cancers. St. Baldrick's-funded researchers have made significant advances in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common childhood cancer, and have also made progress in understanding the biology of other childhood cancers, such as neuroblastoma, sarcoma, and brain tumors.

The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a testament to the power of community and the importance of supporting research to find cures for childhood cancer. By raising awareness and funding for research, they are helping to give children with cancer the best possible chance for a long and healthy life. If you're looking for a way to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer, consider getting involved with the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

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